Ford sold Aston Martin to Prodrive some time back. Ford own Volvo so its nothing new for a V8 Vantage to have a Volvo key fob.

When Aston Martin was owned by Ford, the British sports car maker digged deep into Ford’s parts bin and gathered everything from sat-navs, switchgears, windows and mirror switches, but when owning a key to an exclusive Aston Martin a customer would appreciate it if someone at the company took the time to remove Volvo from the key fob.

“The keyfob was damaged when we got it back from the client,’ Edward Legge, general manager of Rio Prestige hire told CAR. “Our reaction was amusement and slight horror. We all know they share parts, but you would have thought someone would have invested a tenner to rub the name off.”

Ford still has a $40 million stake in Aston Martin, but Aston Martin assures that the old keys will now be replaced by the new “Emotion Control Units’ and the glass key fobs like the one above found in the new DBS.