Hyundai Creta Aftermarket Alloys
Well, it should have at least been painted black or in silver

Fitting aftermarket alloys to cars is not new, but this Hyundai Creta has been fitted with not 18- or 19-inch rims, but very large 22-inch ones.

Sourced from Plati India, the rims come with chrome finish and have tyres that look to be painted on rather than wrapped around the rim as they have such a tiny sidewall.

In addition, the front brake callipers and the rear brakes of this particular example of the Creta have been painted in a shade of neon green as well.

The owner of the Hyundai Creta fitted with aftermarket wheels does not seem to have made any other modifications to the car either. This means that the ride and driving experience of the compact SUV would be severely altered due to the fitment of such large wheels.

If we are being honest, these Hyundai Creta aftermarket alloys do not suit the model one bit and the brake parts should have been painted in either silver or black to suit the car’s exterior colour.

It is not like the stock Creta does not come with good alloys either. The car can be had with 17-inch alloy wheels on SX and SX(O) variants and 16-inch styled wheels in the S variant.

2021 Hyundai Creta Aftermarket Alloys Side
The car would ride differently if the suspension is not sorted
Rear Profile
Look at those thin sidewalls!
2021 Hyundai Creta Aftermarket Alloys
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Source – Monga Tyres on Instagram