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The car’s dimensions will be very large by the looks of it

Spy shots of a big SUV, expected to be the Audi Q9, spotted winter testing overseas show that the world is not done with SUVs yet.

Audi’s SUV range is vast, ranging from the Q2 to the Q8 with RS models also included in the lineup. But, the German carmaker has found the need for an even larger SUV somehow.

From the pictures, it is clear that Audi has fixed the body shape and thankfully, it is a proper SUV and does not have a sloping roofline. The glasshouse is large and the Audi Q9 spotted on test also has a big sunroof, roof rails, and rides on big alloy wheels.

But, it looks like the carmaker has yet to finalise the lighting setup at the front, while the rear seems ready, and that is fairly understandable. Given that the Q9 will become the most expensive model in Audi’s regular SUV lineup, it should come with the latest of lighting units after all.

For 8 years Audi has owned the Q9 trademark and looks like the time has finally arrived for it to put the name to use. Due to its fairly large shape, occupants seated in all 3 rows should be comfortable with ample space allocated for each row.

It goes without saying that Audi will cram the SUV with the latest features and that would include a top-spec infotainment unit, premium music system, adaptive suspension, driver assistance tech, among others.

Bear in mind, these are only speculations based on the assumption that the spotted model is indeed the Q9. It could very well be the new-generation Q7 as well, since the current model made its global debut 6 years ago.

Another theory is that, it could be a model developed specifically for the Chinese market as the test car was wearing the camouflage that Chinese Audis test under. But, given that there are other places where big SUVs sell a lot, primarily in the USA, that idea can be scrapped.

We expect more spy shots of the Audi Q9 to surface online in the coming months, which should clear most of our doubts.

Audi Q9 Spotted Side
Occupants would not have any complaints regarding interior space
Audi Q9 Spotted Rear
It should be equipped with the latest features
Audi Q9 Spotted
Expect the model to be unveiled next year

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