Aurus Escort Electric Motorcycle
To be used as an escort vehicle for a political convoy, hence the name

Behold the Escort, an electric motorcycle from Aurus, the Russian State-backed luxury automaker that produces special armoured variants of its vehicles for President Putin.

This recent vehicle though is not armoured. Rather, it is an electric motorcycle, a first for Aurus, that will be used as an escort vehicle for Vladimir Putin’s presidential convoy.

Design-wise, the motorcycle has looks like that of a touring bike with its bulky appearance, fat front-end that incorporates the small headlight that also has indicators on either side, a tall windscreen, huge fairing, wide seats and cargo boxes.

One interesting technical feature we can note is that the electric bike does not sport the usual forks upfront. Rather, it is expected to be a monoshock, just like the one at the rear.

Definitive tech specs have yet to be released, but reports suggest that the Aurus Escort will have a 112 kW electric motor capable of producing 150 HP. Also, it is said the bike would have a top speed of 240 km/hr.

Thus, the bike is equipped with three discs, two at the front and one at the back, to stop it on a dime, which would be crucial, given that its role is to escort a motorcade.

Expected to be launched in 2022, the electric motorcycle is the result of Russian President Putin pushing for modernisation of his government’s vehicles. Also, he is keen on using their own designs for such new automobiles.

Aurus Escort Electric Motorcycle

  • Aurus reveals the Escort, its first electric motorcycle
  • The State-backed luxury automaker will launch the bike in 2022
  • Expected to have a 150 HP electric motor and a 240 km/hr top speed
Aurus Escort Electric Motorcycle Side
Looks like a proper touring motorcycle this, but is completely electric