A brilliant video shot by Black Sheep Films shows what is real rush hour. The way the vehicles coordinate with each other on the road plus the addition of pedestrians makes the video an amazing watch.

[vimeo:http://vimeo.com/106226560 540 375]

We live in a country where there is abundance of traffic in almost every city. Most major roads are choc-a-bloc with vehicles of all sizes. People want to move their vehicles into every small inch of space that would possibly be available to them. Headache, rising tempers, stress are just some of the after-effects of travelling on a crowded road. Then came the genius who coined the term ‘rush hour’. So what exactly is a rush hour?

People in India will say that a rush hour is when the road or highway gets jam-packed with vehicles ranging from Nanos to S-Class’, mini buses to humongous Volvos, tempos to huge trucks. Don’t forget to add pothole-laden roads and careless pedestrians to the equation. With no space to move, it is obvious that every person becomes frustrated but then reality strikes. The fact is that you just cannot escape traffic in this day when even public transport isn’t satisfactory. But then came another genius who claimed that every problem has a solution. So what can possibly be a good solution to rush hour traffic? Coordination!

Yes, if there is a real coordination between efficient traffic signals, law-abiding vehicles and pedestrians with good civil sense, a rush hour can be tackled quite easily. This video shows how every vehicle is following traffic rules effectively, pedestrians crossing roads only on zebra crossings and the result that you get is an exceptionally good flow of traffic.

Will such a thing ever be possible in India?

Traffic Jam China
Such scenes are common in India where every major city faces traffic issues