Bajaj has introduced a new electric division called Urbanite.

Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter Video
The e-Chetak gets a reasonable range of up to 95 kms in Eco mode

Bajaj is a little critical with respect to new EV startups in India. The company believes that the market is getting crowded by some companies which have no prior specialisation in this industry, leave aside the segment. Bajaj claims that their products are their ‘own’ without any external support as such.

Bajaj clearly aims to be the first traditional 2-wheeler brand to set its footing in this new electric-segment. They now have a new electric division called Urbanite. Though the managing director of Bajaj, Mr. Rajiv Bajaj has some stark opinions about EV startups, the company was one of the first ones to invest in an electric scooter startup, Ather Energy.

Bajaj’s main focus is going to be on the 2-wheeler business only, without any sort of deviation. They consider the ‘e-Chetak’ scooter as a necessary plan to tap this niche segment. Furthermore, this plan intends to widen the horizon of their specialisation.

Bajaj is even ready to incur losses initially because they somehow have to manage to make their new portfolio future-proof. This is precisely why they resurrected the name ‘Chetak,’ as nostalgia is a good marketing tool. Moreover, the product is devoid of the company’s logo to show the EV division’s independence (Just like Mini is to BMW).

As of now, all the investment-related details are under wraps and we cannot reckon as to what exactly we should expect from this company in the foreseeable future. This is to have some exclusivity to their plans as the rivals then will be unknown to the strategies and plans. However, Bajaj is not having any sort of engagement in the charging infrastructure or battery swapping model.

The e-Chetak will be on for sale in January 2020, in Pune, followed by Delhi later.

Bajaj Criticises EV Startups

– As per Bajaj, EV startups are crowding the segment
– Bajaj aims to resurrect the e-Chetak brand as BMW did with Mini
– The company is yet to reveal prices for the e-Chetak

Bajaj Chetak E-Scooter Revealed
e-Chetak to begin with the sales in January 2020