When Bajaj Auto unveiled the next generation Pulsar (the 200 NS) in January, slowly news started trickling out about the automaker discontinuing old Pulsar variants to replace them with newer ones. Now sources have informed us that Bajaj Auto will not be discontinuing the old Pulsars and will continue to sell them alongside the Pulsar 200 NS. There will be a new Pulsar launched every year from now onwards and the Pulsar brand is to only grow bigger.

The Pulsar 220 is the current flagship of the Bajaj range. It has created a cult following and the fastest Indian tagline has worked wonders. Bajaj Auto does not want to stop the good sales of the P220 and will continue to sell it for atleast the next two years. Once sales start declining, the company will gradually pull the variant out of the market. Bajaj will differentiate the Pulsar 200 NS and Pulsar 220 by pricing the former significantly higher.

Coming to the Pulsar 150 and Pulsar 180, these motorcycles will not be discontinued anytime soon, nor is a new model coming to replace them anytime soon. The perimeter frame found on the Pulsar 200 NS will not be supportive for a 150 or 180 but slight updates to these products are likely next year. Bajaj is also working on the Pulsar SS (Super Sports), which could be launched by the end of the year. Next year a 350cc version of the Pulsar will be showcased by the company.