Bajaj plans to upgrade the Pulsar 220 cosmetically by giving it the black theme. The Pulsar 180 & 200 already have the black theme and we wonder why Bajaj launched the Pulsar 220 without black wheels. Actually we know why Bajaj did not launch the Pulsar 220 with black wheels, simply because they would want to do this later. I think Bajaj is feeling the heat from Yamaha.

The Black themed Pulsar 220 should be launched along with the upgraded Pulsar 200. Bajaj plans to launch the Pulsar 200 with FI which would give the Pulsar 200 a competitive edge against the Yamaha FZ16.

Update – 20/04/2009

According to a senior representative of Bajaj Auto, the company will continue to refine and evolve its home-grown sportsbike – the Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi. He added that there will be certain styling changes, engine tweaks, perhaps monoshock rear suspension, better brakes and revamped instrumentation.