In order to further increase the popularity of the CT 100, Bajaj will soon reduce its price to under Rs. 35,000/-. It will also improve the Platina’s fuel efficiency to cross the 100 km/l mark.

2015 Bajaj CT 100
The CT 100 has been able to garner good numbers post its relaunch

Just yesterday, we saw the impact of the new launches on Bajaj Auto’s market share in the entry-level and mass sports motorcycle segments. Happy with the success of its entry-level bikes, the automaker has decided to take further steps in order to increase the sales of the same. The CT 100 which was reintroduced in the market last year will see a price reduction making its price a touch below the Rs. 35,000/- mark.

The reduction in price in likely to attract more customers to the CT 100 as value for money rules in that segment. Not only this, Bajaj is also working towards improving the fuel efficiency of the Platina to make it cross the 100 km/l mark. The customers in the entry-level segment are very cost sensitive and a high fuel efficiency leads to a considerable amount of savings. Both these plans put together would help the Indian bikemaker increase its market share from the current 36% to the projected 45%.

With the lower priced segment covered, the focus has now shifted to the executive segment wherein the company will soon launch a completely new range of products to replace the Discover series bikes. This segment is very important because many customers today are looking for bikes which offer good fuel efficiency, looks and comfort without being too expensive. This is where the 125cc-150cc bikes fit in.

The Chakan based automaker is also planning to launch a new premium motorcycle in the Rs. 1-2 lakh bracket. This most likely will be the more affordable twin of the KTM RC 390. Customers looking to upgrade from the Pulsar currently do not have any high power option within the Bajaj stable. Launching a 373cc bike will cater to this audience and also to those who find the RC 390 very hardcore. With these developments, it will be an exciting year for the company and the customers alike.

Bajaj Platina 100 vs Hero Splendor iSmart
Improved fuel efficiency would help the Platina compete better with the Splendor iSmart

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