Bajaj Fluir Trademark
The possibility of it being an electric motorbike cannot be dismissed

Trademark applications filed by Bajaj Auto for Fluir and Fluor titles have been uncovered, leading to speculations that these monikers could be used for the brand’s upcoming electric 2-wheelers.

Bajaj sells an electric scooter, the Chetak, and since it is poised to manufacture electric motorcycles for its partner brands in the future, it makes sense to assume that the firm will also sell varied versions of such EVs under its own branding.

The Bajaj Fluir trademark (and that of the Fluor) states that the title could be used for motorcycles, scooters and electric vehicles, among other vehicle types, further providing a strong basis for speculations about a future Bajaj electric motorcycle.

Although the Fluir and Fluor monikers could be used by the brand for its petrol-powered 2-wheelers, its range has several established brands already, and adding more models without discontinuing some could work against the firm’s intentions.

If one would have to guess, the best bet would be on Bajaj using either 1 of the Fluir and Fluor titles for a motorcycle that could have similar specifications to that of the Husqvarna E-Pilen.

Husqvarna’s first electric urban commuter with come with a small swappable battery pack capable of proving 100 km range on a single charge. It will have a 10.73 HP (8 kW) electric motor.

However, all these are speculations at the moment and only time will let Bajaj Auto’s intentions on using the 2 monikers be known to the automotive world.

To those who would like to know, fluir is a Spanish word meaning ‘to flow’ or ‘to run’, while fluor is a chemistry term applied to denote minerals containing the chemical element fluorine.

Bajaj Fluor Trademark
Of the 2 titles trademarked by the automaker, Fluor sounds a bit better