Bienville Legacy is a motorcycle that you can’t probably imagine in your wildest dreams

2015 Bienville Legacy Confederate
The motorcycle has resemblance to the recently launched Ariel Ace

If there are some odd looking motorcycles out there then the Bienville Legacy here is the oddest of the odd. Made by designer who used to work with Confederate, the designer’s own motorcycle design has finally seen the daylight and it is not jaw dropping pretty but a very striking futuristic motorcycle to look at. With minimalist or no proper panels on the motorcycle this is the daddy of naked motorcycles. However, its the suspension at the front and rear which makes it look what it’s designed to be. The front suspension looks like a swingarm of a motorcycle for biking sake! At the rear there is swingarm which totally resembles of what we call the front forks of this particular motorcycle itself. The maker has used brass for footpegs and a proper cushion seat as heel plates.

Use of carbon fibre and aluminum is in abundance which makes the motorcycle very light and very powerful at the same time. The engine is 1600cc Motus engine which churns out 185 BHP from its V4 unit and considering its a V4 it will make a lot of torque. If you want even more power, a supercharger kit which thrusts out 300 BHP is also available, Kawasaki H2R anyone? The exhaust looks like mid-shape muffler which is extraordinary large in size is seen on both side of this four-cylinder motororcycle. The bike seems to have a 300 section tyre at the rear with hugger attached to it because it is devoid of any practicality. The bike weighs 181 kgs in the 185 BHP form and with that weight which is the same figure, it gives this motorcycle 1:1 power to weight ratio which uncannily reminds us of the KTM SuperDukeR 1290.

There is no word on price or any other details but we know for sure it is gonna cost a bomb to some one who decides to buy. This one of a kind motorcycle belongs to celebrities who love to be seen on such motorcycles. It should cost well over a crore if it manages to come to India in the first place as it will come in the CBU form. Meanwhile, let’s keep looking at the design and keep finding new bits every single time you look at it.

2015 Bienville Legacy Engine
Engine looks beautiful and is powerful as it is churning out 185 BHP
2015 Bienville Legacy Front
Attention to detail from pegs to headlight is outstanding
2015 Bienville Legacy Rear Profile
That rear tyre is bound to be a 300 section tyre
2015 Bienville Legacy
The front of the motorcycle purely depicts its alien-ness