BigDaddy Customs, the Indian tuning house is at it again, this time revealing modification options for the Maruti Suzuki Baleno with striking interiors and subtle changes on the outside.

Maruti Baleno BigDaddy Custom Exterior
The matte black rims give the Baleno a stealthy look

New Delhi-based tuning house, BigDaddy Customs, is offering modifications for the Maruti Suzuki Baleno to owners in New Delhi. The modifications include completely revamped interiors, new rims and a premium garnish on the side protector. Customers can avail the mods according to their tastes and preferences.

For us Indians, a beige leather interior is a symbolic mark of an expensive luxurious car. Baleno owners who are bored of the all black interiors of the car can now opt for BigDaddy’s custom interior which comes with beige coloured full leather upholstery and contrast stitching. The seats and door panels get a diamond-patterned stitch. The door handles and power window controls get a piano black surround. The instrument cluster also gets a premium treatment in the form of a faux wooden trim. You also get faux-aluminium finished pedals which add a sporty appeal to the car.

On the exterior, things are a bit tame, with there being only 2 major changes to note. The BigDaddy package will get you a set of 17-inch MOMO Revenge rims finished in matte black. The rims uplift the presence of the car giving it a very stealthy look. Apart from the wheels, the Baleno also gets a black side protector that has an embedded chrome strip running through the middle. It adds to the premium feel of the car.

All these modifications do come at a cost though. The interior overhaul will set you back by Rs. 90,000/- while the matte black rims cost Rs. 48,000/-. However, if you are the sort of person who likes his/her ride to stand out, this might just be the way. The modifications perfectly compliment the looks of the Baleno, and the interior job makes it look like a much more expensive car.

BigDaddy Customs To Offer Customised Balenos

– BigDaddy Customs will offer interior and exterior modifications for the Maruti Baleno
– On the exterior the car gets 17-inch matte black MOMO revenge alloys
– It gets a beige interior with leather upholstery and contrast stitching
– The exterior mods will cost Rs. 48,000/- and the interior overhaul will set you back by Rs. 90,000/-

Maruti Baleno BigDaddy Customised Interior
The interior overhaul gives the car a very premium feel