bridgestone tyre printing

Bridgestone is developing a new tyre construction method which does away with the conventional white rubber method. The new tyre printing technology will instead print a new layer on the tyre from newly developed inks, which also protects the tyre from losing its colour and prevent damage to the surface. This will lead to custom tyres for the consumers as their choice of photographs can be printed on the tyre sidewall. The company has not announced the date of arrival of this technology but is striving to get it to the market in the near future.

The advantages of doing away with the white rubber are several. The whitewalls consume a lot of white rubber adding to the weight of the tyre. With Bridgestone’s advanced tire printing technology, the company does away with white rubber altogether, resulting in reduced weight and better performance. These tyres will not only add to the style and aesthetics of the vehicle but will also lead to reduced fuel consumption. What we are unsure of is the price and the time to make a custom design on the tyre.

Bridgestone tyre print technology