The California Superbike School, the foremost motorcycle racing school in the world, has come to Chennai. The school was started by the legendary Keith Code, arguably the best known and most successful on track motorcycle instructor in the world and today operates in 15 countries, and comes to South East Asia for the first time. The school is dedicated to the improvement of riding skills for racing or just street riding. It has the most successful and comprehensive instruction program for almost all of motorcycling sport, and proudly includes winners of Moto GP and Super Sport Championships.

A few of the champions produced from the school are World Superbike Champion James Toseland, MotoGP 125cc World Champion Thomaas Luthi (personally coached by Andy Ibbot, who will be present at the Chennai Camp), World MotoGP Champions Chris Vermuellen, John Kocinski and Wayne Rainey. Since it’s inception 1980, California Superbike School is on four continents, fifteen countries operating at 90 tracks and has trained over 150,000 riders.

The school is brought to India and South East Asia by Preethi, India’s largest and most trusted brand of Mixer Grinders. Preethi is offering 24 riders a chance to be trained through a grueling 4-day camp which takes the participants through 4 levels of proficiency. Of the 24 riders, 16 riders are completely sponsored by Preethi. This is in keeping with its singular objective of providing valuable assistance to young, talented dedicated riders, who are unable to access the programs costing in excess of $5000 in the United States. The rest of the 8 vacancies cost Rs. 40,000/-each.

Red Rooster Racing, with it’s two years of International Racing experience, partners Preethi in this event by providing bikes, mechanics and tyres for the coaches from California Superbike School. Red Rooster Racing is a unique company dedicated to promoting Indian talent in motor sports. RRR promotes and encourages Indian drivers and riders to compete in most major forms of motorsport in India and South East Asia. The company feels that motorsport is a fantastic avenue for brand building and marketing, as well as R&D possibilities that determine and improve the performance and safety of the vehicle.