Car Airbag Rule
The Road Transport Ministry has been taking safety of car passengers seriously

The latest airbag rule applies to car models and other vehicles of category M1

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ notification on the amended car airbag rule states that new cars sold in the country after 1st October 2022 should have a minimum of 6 airbags.

The rule states that “vehicles of category M1, manufactured after 1st October 2022, shall be fitted with 2 side/side torso airbags, 1 each for the persons occupying front row outboard seating positions and 2 side curtain/tube airbags, 1 each for the persons occupying outboard seating positions.”

2022 Honda City Fourth Gen Global NCAP
Cars with a rigid bodyshell and 6 airbags should theoretically cocoon occupants even in high-speed accidents

From 1st January 2022, all cars sold in India come equipped with dual front airbags and soon, all vehicles that can seat up to 8 occupants will be required to have at least 6 airbags.

This measure is expected to improve the passenger safety in cars sold in the country and enable vehicles to score better results when crash-tested by Global NCAP which will soon include side impact tests in its assessments.

However, this move will also result in a hike in the asking price of cars/models/variants that come with 2 airbags only. The uptick in cost could be around Rs. 50,000/-.