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FIAT India might not be launching any new vehicle in 2012 but that does not stop them from actively promoting their current line-up. The Italian car maker has decided to up its marketing activities in the country and is helping couples celebrate Valentine’s day at the FIAT caffe, in an Italian way. The company says that if you visit the FIAT Caffe with your love till the 18th of February 2012, you will get a free test drive of the 2012 Linea or Punto. Test drive are anyways free so what is so special? Well, FIAT Caffe will also serve free Lavazza coffee and cookies to all. At the end of the evening, a portrait of the couple will be gifted to them.

Although this might not really help FIAT in acquiring many new customers, because the company has only 1 Caffe, its a right move none the less. The FIAT Caffe can serve as a joint for owners to meet and discuss their love for the Italian brand over a cup of coffee. The Fiat Caffe also has the Punto and Linea on display along with the history of the brand displayed on the walls. Furthermore the Caffe is also a place where enthusiasts can purchase FIAT branded merchandise.

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