GM India has spurched up the Chevrolet Tavera and christened it the Neo-2. Nothing much worth talking about this new Chevy. It still uses its old work horse 2.5L Turbocharged DI engine and everything remains the same. But in typical GM fashion a few slices of chrome here and there along with some wood finish,  3 spoke steering, sporty (or is it) side decal, larger grille, bigger Chevy badge and velour upholstery (leather upholstery for top end SS) have been added.

And guess what they call it the new Tavera. I mean GM you were the No. 1 car manufacturer for endless number of years and launch a vehicle which has nothing much new about it. Honesltly all these modifications can be done by Ramu your back door garage guy and GM is hoping to make an impact on prospective buyers pricing it something around 9+ lacs. The only impact GM will ever make with this kind of strategy is a negative one. Who wouldn’t prefer a Innova to this?