Traffic Jam China

The Automotive Industry has flourished and had a steep growth during the last five decades. The invention of vehicles had both positive and negative consequences on humans. The usage of vehicles has increased leaps and bounds which has led to the cause of severe traffic congestion during rush hours in various places across the globe. The steep growth of population led to additional problems and it has contributed to the cause of traffic congestion.

TomTom which is well famed and popular for manufacturing navigation devices had created an annual traffic congestion index for several years and it has released the same index by taking into consideration the most populated country in the world China in 2014. Experiencing a complete stop in the traffic might be one of the worst scenarios experienced by all of us but the survey conducted by TomTom reveals that people in China have been suffering severely due to traffic congestion.

The research conducted by TomTom found that vehicle users in China spend an average time of nine working days per year witnessing traffic. Having a look at the recently compiled data for the year 2013, China tops the list and the worst city for traffic in China is Tianjin with 56 percent of average traffic congestion followed by Hangzhou and Beijing with an average of 47 percent and 43 percent respectively.

The Chinese government has seriously tried to curb traffic congestion but the end result was not fruitful. In Shanghai which has ranked seventh on the list, congestion charges have been implemented and in Beijing the charges were implemented as well as vehicle registrations were restricted. This scenario has occurred because people from rural parts of China continue to stream into the cities to find jobs and each one further puts a stress on the nation’s road network.