Cristiano Ronaldo Bugatti Centodieci
Want a car that costs over Rs. 80 crores? Well here it is!

After guiding Juventus to clinch the Serie A title, Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo decided to buy himself a gift, you know, just another Bugatti.

The car in question is the Bugatti Centodieci, a very limited edition hypercar, that costs a whopping $11 million (Rs. 82.7 crores).

But Cristiano would not be one to worry as Juventus paid him over $100 million (Rs. 752 crores) to have him sign for them for only four years. So, it is fair to say he has got some spare cash lying around that he can splash on a hypercar.

Like nine other exclusive units that will be made, the Cristiano Ronaldo Bugatti Centodieci (so, 10 in total) is based on the bonkers Chiron.

But, it has a completely revised exterior design that is reminiscent of the Bugatti EB110, a supercar from the 1990s, one of which Michael Schumacher had.

Just like most recent Bugattis, the Centodieci gets a 8.0-litre, quad-turbocharged W16 engine that, in this case, puts out 1600 HP at 7000 RPM.

The engine drives all four wheels through a 7-speed DSG gearbox and can hit 0-100 km/hr in 2.4 seconds and more importantly, 0-300 km/hr in 13.1 seconds.

While the top speed is electronically limited to 380 km/hr, it pulls 1.6 g of lateral acceleration. So, we can be rest assured, more will not be needed on the road.

Moreover, the Cristiano Ronaldo Bugatti Centodieci, like other Centodieci’s is 20 kg lighter than the Chiron and produces 90 kg more downforce than the Chiron.

This would not be the first Bugatti that Cristiano has purchased, as he already owns a Chiron, Veyron and La Voiture Noire, apart from many other supercars.

Cristiano Ronaldo Bugatti Centodieci

  • Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo buys the Bugatti Centodieci
  • The car costs $11 million or Rs. 82.7 crores in Indian money
  • Only 10 units of the hypercar will ever be made
Cristiano Ronaldo Bugatti Centodieci Rear
It is based on a Chiron, but is much more than a redesign