2014 Aston Martin Rapide S Wallpaper

One of the world’s biggest automotive giants, Daimler AG has 14 automotive brands under its umbrella including Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG, Smart, Freightliner, Bharat-Benz, Thomas Built Buses and a lot more. However, what Daimler lacks is the absence of a full-fledged performance car brand and a two-wheeler manufacturer. Now in a bid to expand its portfolio further, Daimler is contemplating to buy out iconic brands Aston Martin and MV Agusta and bring it under its belt.

Daimler via Mercedes-AMG and Aston Martin joined hands last year to work together wherein AMG would be providing its V8 engines and electrical components to the British manufacturer. Daimler currently holds a 5 percent non-voting stake in Aston Martin and a complete takeover would be mutually beneficial for both brands. Aston Martin is in dire need for developing new engines and platforms for its next generation of vehicles and Daimler with its expertise and financial support can provide the ideal resources to Aston. Expect to see closer development of products from Mercedes-AMG and Aston Martin once the merger is in place.

While contemplations have been afloat since the beginning of the year, no concrete decision has been taken yet on the possible merger. Citing the kind of investment involved in buying out Aston Martin, people within Daimler are apprehensive about the buy out. However, there are also those who think that the iconic British brand is a true gem and should be brought into the portfolio. With the kind of magnitude Daimler can offer Aston Martin, the company’s next set of products could see a prominent influence from the German auto giant.

The second brand that is being considered for the buy out is MV Agusta. The Italian motorcycle marquee has changed hands several times over the years and currently is not in its best of health financially. Compared to Aston Martin, the investment to get MV on board will be quite minuscule but the prestige value the brand brings along cannot be measured. Purchasing a motorcycle manufacturer also becomes more important because Daimler does not have one under its umbrella, especially with Volkswagen owning Ducati via Audi AG and BMW already have its Motorrad division. MV Agusta which is struggling financially will get the required backing from Daimler to work on new products, improve its existing ones and reclaim its market share in the high-end performance two-wheeler segment.

2013 MV Agusta Rivale 800