To take advantage of the upcoming festive season, Nissan is providing attractive finance schemes and added features on its entire range, including the Datsun GO and GO+ models.

Datsun GO+ MPV Review
The GO and GO+ get a new variant with electric power steering

The festive season is nearing and this is the time when buyers are all set to splurge on vehicles and other things. The Datsun GO was first launched in 2013 while the GO+ MPV was introduced a year back. Nissan has revised the prices of the GO and GO+ and has also introduced a new variant in both the vehicles and this variant comes with electric power steering as a standard feature. Apart from this, there are also a lot of attractive schemes available on both the cars.

The GO and GO+ are now offered with free insurance for the first year of ownership and an attractive finance scheme with an interest rate of 8.99% which will attract more people to Nissan showrooms. For the GO hatchback, the total benefits round up to Rs. 22,000/- while for its MPV counterpart, the benefits are slightly more at Rs. 25,000/-. All these offers are valid till 31st October 2015.

The vehicles do not feature any other change and they continue to remain powered by the same 1.2-litre petrol engine that is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. The GO and GO+ are good vehicles and these offers do nothing but increase their appeal to buyers, thus garnering more sales. The vehicles are also slated to receive a facelift in 2017 where cosmetic tweaks will be made and also some new features will be added.

Along with Datsun, other vehicles from the Nissan stable also get a lot of benefits this festive season. The company is offering free first year insurance for the Micra, Sunny and Terrano too while the SUV also gets a new Blaupunkt audio system. All the vehicles get finance at 8.99% while a gift will be given to customers when they take a test drive. The Micra, Sunny and Terrano get exchange bonuses of Rs. 20,000/-, Rs. 30,000/- and Rs. 20,000/- respectively.

2015 Datsun Festive Season Prices (ex-showroom, Delhi) –

* GO D – Rs. 3.23 lakhs
* GO A – Rs. 3.49 lakhs
* GO A EPS – Rs. 3.64 lakhs
* GO NXT – Rs. 3.89 lakhs
* GO T – Rs. 3.84 lakhs
* GO T (O) – Rs. 4.04 lakhs

* GO+ D – Rs. 3.79 lakhs
* GO+ A – Rs. 3.99 lakhs
* GO+ A EPS – Rs. 4.25 lakhs
* GO+ T – Rs. 4.56 lakhs
* GO+ T (O) – Rs. 4.66 lakhs

Nissan Terrano User Review
The Terrano gets benefits of Rs. 95,000/- including a Blaupunkt audio system