Datsun redi-GO Smart Drive AMT
Datsun redi-GO AMT is well-priced, undercutting its direct competitors

Datsun has come up with a bold move targeting the competition head-on! They are calling out customers to take the challenge for the new Datsun redi-GO Smart Drive Auto. The Automatic Test Drive Challenge asks you to come and test drive the redi-GO AMT and experience the features it offers and if within 7 days of taking the challenge, you buy a competitor’s car, Datsun will give you benefits worth Rs. 5000*.

This aggressive move from Datsun made us visit the dealership and take a test drive of the redi-GO AMT to examine whether it’s really that strong a competitor in its segment. First up is the design and size, the car looks quite funky and has a city driving friendly compact size for the ease of driving in congested areas. You will immediately notice the high ground clearance of 185mm, which is SUV territory and best-in-class! Which means that you’ll never end up touching the underbelly even on the worst of roads and speed breakers.

The biggest USP of the Datsun redi-GO is the new AMT gearbox, which we think is the best in its class and here’s why we think so. The redi-GO comes with a proper gear lever for the AMT which is very practical to use unlike its rival that comes with a small rotary knob, which can be a bit confusing to use. The redi-GO’s AMT is well tuned to the engine and offers smooth shifts which feels very convenient in the rush hour traffic offering stress-free driving.

Speaking of rush hour traffic, the redi-GO AMT gets a Rush Hour Mode too, which is basically the creep mode, so when you release the brake pedal, the car creeps forward on its own, which isn’t usually available in AMT cars but the redi-GO has it. This feature is helpful in bumper to bumper traffic wherein you don’t need to press the accelerator and brake again and again.

Now what’s unique with the redi-GO AMT is the Dual Driving Mode, which means you can switch to manual mode as well if you want to select the gears yourself. Just flick the gear lever to the left and shift the gears manually according to your speed. The ‘-‘ is for downshifting while the ‘+’ is for upshifting. This feature is not available in the Kwid and even the Alto’s AMT doesn’t work as seamlessly as the redi-GO AMT does.

Once you get inside the cabin of the redi-GO AMT, you will forget the compact size because it is very spacious inside unlike some of the competitors that are bigger in dimensions but are cramped inside. The redi-GO AMT offers ample legroom at the back and fantastic headroom, which makes the cabin feel airy. The AC is quite powerful too and cools the cabin very quickly. It also gets a large fixed vent in the dashboard that blows air directly for the rear passengers.

The redi-GO AMT is rich in terms of features as well offering a Bluetooth audio system with which you can stream music and make calls as well. Pairing with the audio system is super easy, you just need to open your phone’s Bluetooth settings, click on the Datsun audio system name and you are paired within seconds. The interface is very easy to operate which makes you concentrate better on driving without touching your phone for calls.

All in all, the #Datsun redi-GO AMT is a desirable package and ticks all the right boxes of your requirements in this segment making it #TheBetterAMT. It offers all the convenience you need for driving in the city without compromising on styling, space, features and comfort. This is the reason why Datsun is confident for coming up with this challenge and we suggest you should definitely take the Automatic Test Drive Challenge and test drive the new redi-GO AMT right away. Most importantly, the redi-GO AMT is the most affordable car amongst its rivals with a starting price of Rs. 3.80 lakhs (ex-showroom).

All-black dashboard is practical for Indian conditions and comes with a good amount of storage spaces and cubby holes

Thanks to bluetooth connectivity, pairing your smartphone with the audio system is a breeze

Fixed AC vent in the centre is effective in channeling air towards the rear seat occupants

The manual mode on offer allows you to have control over gear changes and power delivery

Remote locking is standard on all redi-GO AMT variants

Seats come with integrated head rests and offer acceptable levels of comfort

High roofline means that taller passengers won’t be complaining about lack of headroom, even at the rear!

The redi-GO’s boot is fairly spacious by city car standards

Snazzy exterior styling makes the Redi-GO AMT stand out on our roads

However, overall design looks quite mature in subtle body colours

These DRLs are exclusive to the top-end trim of the redi-GO AMT

Despite its compact dimensions, the car offers a ton of space on the inside

High ground clearance helps the Datsun redi-GO tackle broken patches of road with ease

The bootlid wears Datsun, redi-GO and 1.0 badging