Hindustan Motors Contessa Front
Contessa was the country’s 1 and only mass-market muscle car

Detel might be planning to launch its first electric car with the Contessa name, it already sells 2 liscence-free EV mopeds

CK Birla Group’s Hindustan Motors Ltd is in the process of selling all the rights of its Contessa muscle car to SG Corporate Mobility Pvt Ltd, the parent company of the Detel mobile and EV brand.

The company has also executed a brand transfer agreement with SG Corporate Mobility Pvt Ltd on 16th June for the transfer of the Contessa brand including the trademarks having application number and certain related rights of the brand.

SG Corporate Mobility Pvt Ltd, based out of Gurugram, was founded in 2007 by Yogesh Bhatia and, initially, it was a distributor of electronic goods and telecom products. But, in 2016, its established its own feature phone and mobile accessory brand, Detel.

In 2017, the newly established company launched its first feature phone D1, which was the world’s cheapest mobile at that time, priced at just Rs. 299/-. Currently, the company sells 8 feature phones.

Hindustan Motors Contessa Trademark
HM recently revived the Contessa trademark

In 2021, the company forayed into the EV space with the launch of the Detel EV Easy Plus license-free moped for a price tag of Rs. 39,999/- (excluding GST). It was powered by a 20 Ah battery with a range of 60 km and a top speed of 25 km/hr.

As of now, Detel sells 2 EV mopeds – Easy Plus And Veeru. With the acquisition of all the rights of the Contessa muscle car from Hindustan Motors, it looks like the company is now planning to expand Detel’s portfolio to electric cars as well.

Having experience when it comes to trade relations with Chinese companies, Detel might have easy access to electric battery packs and powertrains and all it needed was a tough body shell.

With the purchase of Contessa, the company has access to 1 of the most iconic bodyshells of all time in India. If ever there comes a Detel Contessa electric muscle car, it will be 1 of a kind for sure. At least for the butch looks of the car, people might flock Detel’s showrooms.

Detel Contessa Easy Plus
Detel Easy Plus EV moped

When we look at another angle, Hindustan Motors is gearing up to launch its range of EVs – cars and 2 wheelers. Who knows, Detel might also supply its EV powertrains to the Ambassador maker in return.

All these aside, Hinddustan Motor’s subsidiary Hind Motor Financial Corporation of India (HMFCI) and Peugeot are jointly working on reviving the now-discontinued Ambassador in a proper ICE avatar. The new engine design has already reached its final stages.