2014 Bajaj Discover 150F Price

The 150cc commuter bike segment sees a lot of sales every month. Buyers get a nice range of options to choose from. This segment is also sub-divided into two segments – the basic 150cc bikes like the Bajaj Discover 150cc, Honda CB Unicorn, Yamaha SZ and Suzuki GS150R fall at the lower end of the spectrum while bikes like the Yamaha FZ, Honda CB Trigger, TVS Apache, Bajaj Pulsar and Hero Hunk fall at the higher end of the spectrum.

We have already done a thorough comparison of the higher-end bikes in the past. With Bajaj launching the new Discover 150, we decided to do a quick specifications comparo of the Discover with its rivals to help readers and buyers.

The Discover 150, CB Unicorn, SZ and GS150R are all powered by engines of similar capacities. The CB Unicorn has the highest cubic capacity while the Discover has the lowest. In terms of power, the GS150R and CB Unicorn have very similar outputs and the Discover is slightly ahead. The SZ has the lowest power output among all bikes here. When we compare torque levels, the Discover, CB Unicorn and SZ come very close to each other in peak outputs but the GS150R is clearly ahead.

Comparing the sizes of these bikes, the Bajaj Discover 150 and Yamaha SZ are very similar in dimensions. The SZ is only marginally bigger and the difference will not even be felt. The CB Unicorn and GS150R have the same length but the Suzuki gets a larger width. In terms of height, the GS150R is the tallest, followed closely by the CB Unicorn. The SZ is the lowest out here. The GS150R is the heaviest too while the Discover is the lightest.

All these products are aimed at budget-conscious buyers who want some more power than what 125cc bikes offer. Since these bikes sell in large numbers, availability of spare parts can hardly be an issue. With this being a price-sensitive market, the Discover 150 will be considered very seriously by buyers. It is the only one out here that comes with a fairing and this is something that buyers love a lot. The price that we have mentioned is for the Discover 150 F variant which is also the top most variant. The Honda CB Unicorn and Yamaha SZ are priced decently while the Suzuki GZ150R is the most expensive here.

Discover 150 vs CB Unicorn vs SZ vs GS150R*all prices are ex-showroom, Pune.


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