The newly launched Bajaj Dominar 400 cruiser bike has found more than 3000 homes in last month, quite a bit more than Royal Enfield.

Bajaj Dominar Review Test Ride
The Dominar 400 has roared into the sales charts in its initial months

Royal Enfield has been enjoying a great run lately, with virtually no competitor for its bikes having the same macho looks, iconic exhaust note and the rich legacy that comes bundled with the badge. Time and again, both domestic and foreign companies have tried to conquer the castle held by the company and failed miserably. But now it looks like a new challenger has finally emerged in form of the Bajaj Dominar 400 and it has been giving the old testament of motorcycling a tough fight. It also won the last round of February 2017 when it overtook Royal Enfield and became the highest selling bike in the 350cc and above segment.

The Bajaj Dominar 400 had a great run in February 2017 where it sold 3082 units and became the best selling bike in the 350cc-500cc segment in India. The segment is considered as very crucial and is set to grow at an exponential pace, thereby drawing attention of automakers from all over the world. Royal Enfield, however, continues to command a lion’s share in the 250cc-350cc midsize motorcycle segment and has registered a growth of 32.6% to sell 5.44 lakh units between April and February in the ongoing financial year. The company’s mainstay products – Classic 350, Bullet 350, Thunderbird 350 ­ are all powered by 346cc engines.

But like a true leader, Bajaj Auto does not intend to sit quietly and has been busy ramping-up its growth engine. The automaker has said that the Dominar is an important product for them as it has emerged as a leader in the 350cc-plus motorcycle segment within three months of launch, despite being available only in 30-odd towns. The company seeks to expand its reach to 200 towns by the end of April and is ramping up production to attain monthly sales of 10,000 units by September.

Dominar 400 Overtakes Royal Enfield

– The new Bajaj Dominar 400 has overtaken Royal Enfield in the 350cc plus segment
– The bike sold more than 3000 units in February 2017
– Royal Enfield is still the king in 250cc-350cc midsize motorcycle segment

Royal Enfiled Bullet 350 Silver
Royal Enfield bikes are still known for the old-school charm and macho looks