Driving habits to decide motor insurance cost with Bajaj Allianz’ new Drive Smart device that fits in a car and sends information about the quality of driving to the company.

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The OBD device will calculate the data of speed & braking

Bajaj Allianz has launched new Drive Smart telematics based car insurance in India. This system calculates the driving style of the user which decides the motor insurance cost depending on how carefully the car was driven. It is a plug-in device that is installed in the car’s OBD to calculate the data.

The device installed sends the driving data to the insurance company as well as the owner of the car for them to monitor the driving habit. The data will be used by Bajaj Allianz to price the policy at the time of renewal. Currently insurance companies factor in only make, model, year of manufacturing and location of the car.

Now they will be able to calculate over-speeding and hard braking of a car with the help of the OBD device. This device will work on all cars manufactured after 2010 and are OBD2 compatible. The service will come with an app where the owner can check the stats about the car and also request road side assistance in case of a breakdown.

Bajaj Allianz is also offering add-on cover with this scheme that includes services like 24/7 road side assistance, key and lock replacement cover, accident insurance and personal baggage cover. They will charge 50 percent of the basic insurance for the add-on services. Currently it’s only available for cars and not bikes.

Driving Habits To Decide Motor Insurance Cost

– Bajaj Allianz launches Drive Smart telematics based insurance
– Driving style to determine motor insurance cost
– App for the owner to get notified of over speeding and hard braking
– Currently only available for cars and not bikes

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