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Put the wheelie control off and you can take off to the moon

Performance – 1198.4cc Testastretta L-twin with VVT literally throws all the 160 horses to the rear wheel in no time. This powerful heavyweight champion is under your control only because of the electronics. Although the Ducati L-twins are rev friendly and give a feeling like a turbo boost delivery after spooling up some RPMs, the VVT on the Enduro helps a lot lower down the RPM range. Even at 3000 RPM in any particular gear, the engine does not nudge it, instead delivers a smoother output to the wheel. Redlining all the way to 11,000 RPM, the healthy power and torque band is above 7500 RPM. The power delivery changes exponentially as the revs build up and this Enduro actually scares you.

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You could actually go riding long distance with the massive fuel tank

The optional rally tyres would make the Enduro an all-round performer

What’s more interesting is how the power delivery and the way the power is being delivered changes according to the different modes. Although at a default setting, the Enduro and Urban mode would churn out 100 BHP of power, the Sports and Touring modes would put out a massive 160 BHP. However there is a difference in the delivery of that power, the Urban and Touring modes are more mellow while the Enduro and Sports modes have a crisp response to the throttle. These riding modes can be switched on the go while we can even customise the individual modes on standstill. Instead of two levels, there are three power levels – low, medium and high. The medium level of power helps in pulling out 30 extra horses, making it a little more lively.

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The performance on or off the road is way too much to handle

The 3 levels of each Ducati Traction Control and Ducati Wheelie Control also come in handy when you gun the throttle and the Enduro shoots itself into the sky! All Ducati engines are known for harshness and vibrations. This Enduro is not the best of the stable in terms of NVH and gives a buzz all along from 2000 RPM. There are no weird noises but the harshness and vibrations increase as we come close to the power band which is almost the redline. The huge tank again creates little issues in heat management from the engine. While on the move or even at standstill, there is no space for the hot air to be let out and everything is sent to the rider’s legs. The revs build up on the Enduro pretty quickly and the thin unique looking exhaust sounds really nice. Rev hard and the L-twin shouts! Honestly, the Multistrada Enduro doesn’t actually require an aftermarket exhaust.

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Off the road, the Multistrada Enduro is even more fun

Riding Dynamics – It is difficult to get onto the saddle but once you get the hang of it, you wouldn’t really complain. The Enduro is so much engaging that you forget that you are riding a heavy-weight adventure machine. The characteristics of the bike changes with its modes as the performance of the engine does. The Urban mode at default sets a pre-load level to 4 which is the lowest and was the most comfortable for my height. The Touring lifts it a little but the suspension is softly sprung on both the front and rear. Next comes the Enduro making the suspension a little harder than Touring while the Sports mode lifts the bike to pre-load 14 which left me with just the toe touching the ground. This happens because the seat is a little wider than expected.

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Getting wet is no biggie as the Multistrada loves to splash

Touring mode has the best balance of power and comfort but Sports is fun

The tank is scooped out properly for the legs to fit in but it still feels a little wide. The Ducati Skyhook Suspension is a fully adjustable Sachs unit both at the front and rear, and is controlled by the electronics as well as the riding modes. The suspension again has four preset levels which include rider only, rider with luggage, rider with pillion and rider with pillion and luggage. All the modes increase the ride height respectively by increasing the pre-load settings all the way to 24. Making the bike so high from the ground that at 165 cms of height, I was tip-toeing the left leg while the right leg was in the air. The level of comfort on the Multistrada Enduro is amazing for the rider as well as the pillion. Although the pillion sits very high, the seat and the pegs are centre-set for both the rider as well as the pillion who stay comfortable even during a longer ride.

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All the Multistrada demands is complete attention while you ride

While riding through the canyons, the weight of the Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro is felt as you flick it from one side to the other. But once in the turn, the bike holds the line well and the Pirelli Scorpion Trail II tyres give good feedback. The dual 320 mm discs at the front and the single 265 mm disc at the rear do a great job in stopping the motorcycle from triple digit speeds in no time. The bite and feedback are brilliant, however, the weight is evident and felt on the handlebars under hard braking. The ABS unit with cornering ABS as standard does an amazing job in inspiring confidence while having fun with the Multistrada. The off-road test was a little scary as due to the monsoons, it was slushy and the road tyres gave up in the Enduro mode too. Taking a walking u-turn and there was gravel and slush below my right foot, the next thing I know, I almost sprained my leg and the bike was tipped to the right. The main task later was lifting the massive Multistrada Enduro which again took three attempts and I had lost all my energy.