Ducati V4 Granturismo Components
All of these components weigh only 66.7 kg in all

Ducati has revealed the engine of the new Multistrada V4 ahead of the bike’s 4th November unveil and it has also given the motor a name – the V4 Granturismo.

Displacing 1158cc, the engine is claimed to have been developed using latest technology and first-in-class materials for maximum smoothness of operation, durability, top performance and high maintenance intervals.

Total power output of the Euro 5-compliant V4 Granturismo is rated at 170 HP at 10,500 RPM, while maximum torque is 125 Nm at 8750 rpm. All this power is produced by a motor that only weighs 66.7 kg.

But one figure which eclipses even that is the maintenance interval that is 60,000 km, which is mad, really, and something that is unheard of before.

According to Ducati, it was able to achieve that thanks to its in-depth expertise in the use of materials, treatments and technical solutions developed around the Desmodromic system.

The V4 Granturismo is 85 mm shorter, 95 mm lower, 20 mm wider and 1.2 kg lighter than the Testastretta twin-cylinder used on the previous Multistrada 1260.

Also, because the new engine is compact, it has allowed engineers to house it more effectively and centrally in the frame and thus positively influence the position of the bike’s center of gravity.

Furthermore, the V4 Granturismo has a counter-rotating crankshaft and can also deactivate the rear bank at idle, to reduce both fuel consumption and heat generation.

Ducati Multistrada V4 Engine

  • Ducati has revealed the engine of the new Multistrada V4
  • Named the V4 Granturismo, the motor belts out 170 HP & 125 Nm
  • Weighing only 66.7 kg, it has a maintenance interval of 60,000 km
Ducati Multistrada V4 Engine Parts
The 1158cc motor churns out 170 HP and 125 Nm
Ducati Multistrada V4 Engine
This will power the new Multistrada V4 that will be unveiled on 4th November