The ill-fated engineer had to suffer the atrocities of motorbiking after buying a lemon Royal Enfield Himalayan, which according to him has 40 defects.

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The Royal Enfield Himalayan has been touted as the coming-of-age bike for the grand daddy of Indian biking. But all has not been rosy for the customers who bought the macho looking motorcycle, with dreams of conquering the Himalayas and the Western Ghats on it. Complaints with regard to quality, dependability and service issues for the Royal Enfield Himalayan grows by the day. Criticism for the unreliable build quality had started right from the day of the first preview, when the Dakar rallyist C. Santhosh landed the Himalayan after a stunt and the right foot peg broke off.

Amongst all of this, we now have reports that a legal case has been filed by an engineer, who bought an ill-fated and fragile Himalayan, only to discover more than 40 manufacturing and engineering flaws and defects with it. Let alone taking the Himalayan to the Himalayas, the bike was unrideable for even the daily commute. The court has ruled in favour of the engineer and has asked Royal Enfield for a reply. The court took the decision as it found that the owner had to face issues like petrol leakage from the carburettor and tank, noisy engine, gear shift issues and engine oil leak. The first week report added hard gear shifts and even few breakdowns on the road.

This incident adds one more page to the saga of the Royal Enfield Himalayan and the glorious legacy of problems ranging from chipped paint inside the fuel tank leading to blocked fuel lines, front suspension rusting and quality issues causing handling nightmares and even cracked chassis for some owners. Adding to this, are the general nuisance of shady dealerships and haughty service centre employees. It’s a shame really as the adventure motorcycle was heralded a true off-roader from an Indian company.

Unreliable Royal Enfield Himalayan

– An engineer has filed a legal case against the company listing out at least 40 defects
– The bike has been plagued by many issues since it began selling in India
– Owners had to face issues ranging from rusting, stalling, electrical failure, etc.
– The court has directed Royal Enfield to reply soon

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The Himalayan is a very capable bike plagued by manufacturing and engineering problems
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Royal Enfield also issued a severe service circular for all Himalayans coming to the outlets
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Rusting issues and suspension problems render the bike un-rideable for even daily commute