EV Export
Gadkari wants India to be top exporter of electric scooters, cars, auto-rickshaw, buses and trucks

Union Minister Gadkari reveals his ambitious vision regarding export of EV products

Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari has said he wants the Indian automobile industry to be the number one in the world, when it comes to EV export, in 5 years’ time.

He said this while speaking (virtually) at the first edition of Ananthkumar memorial lecture, that was held on the occasion of the death anniversary of former Union Minister Ananthkumar.

According to the Union Minister, the Indian automobile industry’s turnover (currently at Rs. 7.5 lakh crores) will be more than Rs. 15 lakh crores within the next 5 years.

He also added that the auto industry generates the most revenue, exports and jobs for both the Centre and the State governments.

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The government is pushing hard for EVs and flex fuel vehicles

Speaking about EV export, Gadkari said the government’s aim is to increase exports and reduce imports, while also being cautious about ecology and the environment and added that the Narendra Modi-led government wants to make India the number 1 economy in the world.

Touching upon topics such as liquified natural gas (LNG), ‘green’ hydrogen from wastewater, ethanol, EVs and flex engines, the Road Transport minister appealed to the public to buy vehicles with electric or flex engines to help control pollution.

Gadkari also said when he took charge as Union Minister, India had 96,000 km of national highways with 2 km added per day. Now, India has 1.47 lakh km of highways with 38 km of roadway added each day, he stated.

Claiming that India is at the top when it comes to construction of national highways, the minister said his target is to make Indian roads on a par with ones in the USA within 3 years’ time.