Ferrari 296 GTS Unveil Front
The chiseled headlight unit renders the supercar a sporty stance

The unveil of Ferrari 296 GTS offers customers the performance of GTB with an open top option

Ferrari has revealed one its most anticipated products of this year that embraces the future-proof hybrid technology with the unveil of the 296 GTS, the open top version of its hybrid supercar 296 GTB.

The mid-rear engine of Ferrari 296 GTS is the same 3-litre twin-turbocharged V6 that powers the GTB. Its exerts 830 HP and 740 Nm of which 166 HP is contributed by an electric motor alone of the hybrid system.

Ferrari 296 GTS Unveil Interior
The interior looks similar to that of the GTB

Despite the convertible top’s additional 70 kg weight taking the dry weight of the supercar to 1540 kg, acceleration is still brisk reaching 0 to 100 km/hr in 2.9 seconds with a top speed of 330kph.

The hardtop roof can open or close in 14 seconds at speeds under 45 km/hr. It folds into two sections in front of the engine and sits in a separate compartment. Looks inspired from the SF90 Spider, the convertible roof addition doesn’t seem to have forced Ferrari to do extensive rework of GTB as only minimal styling revisions are seen.

Ferrari 296 GTS Unveil Side
The open-top option is the highlight of the car

Coming to the rear, there are some differences with respect to the GTB mostly related to aerodynamics that got affected due to the addition of the convertible roof. For example, at the bottom of the engine cover, there’s a new window. The rear screen is adjustable for cabin comfort at high speeds when the roof is retracted.

These changes have lead to the car’s aerodynamic efficiency and downforce being on par with the GTB. There’s an active rear soiler integrated in tail that further contributes to the downforce at high speeds.

Ferrari 296 GTS Unveil Rear
There’s an active spoiler at the rear

Like the GTB, the coupe version, the GTS can also be had with Ferrari’s Assetto Fiorano package that includes Multimatic adjustable shock absorbers, carbon fibre aero/trim elements, and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tyres.

The Ferrari 296 is expected to hit our showrooms soon although no concrete launch plans are available right now. But those who want to enjoy the performance of the hybrid V6 can wait for the coupe version that might arrive in a few months.