The Ferrari 488 GTB is powered by a 3.9-litre V8, turbocharged engine that produces 661 HP and 760 Nm of torque while mated to a 7-speed dual clutch transmission.

Ferrari 488 GTB Front
The Ferrari 488 replaces the older 458

Ferrari made a comeback in the Indian market in November last year with new dealerships and it launched the California T as the first product. The manufacturer launched the second model, the 488 GTB today at a price of Rs. 3.88 crores (ex-showroom, Delhi). The 488 GTB was introduced in 2015, replacing the old 458 Italia. The GTB stands for Gran Turismo Berlinetta while the 488 stands for the total displacement of 3902cc divided by 8-cylinders.

Design – The new Ferrari 488 GTB is designed in accordance with the company’s new design language and that makes it an undisputed good looking car. The front fascia has wrap-around headlamps with LED DRLs while they look similar to the headlamps on the legendary LaFerrari.

The front fascia also carries large air damps while the rear has diffusers and the aerodynamic body creates 50 percent more downforce than the 458. The front slipper also contributes air to the radiator for cooling purposes. The side intakes are divided by a central partition and the air that enters the top section is directed into the turbocharger while the remaining air travels through the car and exits from the rear diffuser.

Interior – You know you are in a Ferrari once you enter the cabin even if the company’s logo was not there on the steering wheel. The knobs and switches on the steering wheel can practically control the entire car with buttons for damper setting, engine-start, chassis-control setting, etc. The instrument console consists of the analog RPM meter, digital gear shift indicator and configurable screens.

There is no infotainment system just like the 458 but the interior in all is more roomy and better to live with. However, a telemetry system similar to the LaFerrari is offered as optional with a 12-speaker stereo. A carbon-fibre trim is also offered as optional with carbon-fibre components in and out on the supercar.

Engine – The Ferrari 488 GTB is powered by a 3.9-litre V8, turbocharged, all-aluminium engine that produces 661 HP at 8000 RPM and 760 Nm of torque at 3000 RPM and this motor is mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, same as the 458. This makes the the supercar do 0-100 km/hr in 3 seconds while 0-200 km/hr is done in 8.3 seconds.

High-tumble intake ports facilitate air flow for combustion where the fuel is injected at a pressure of 2900 PSI. It uses a flat-plane crankshaft like the predecessor which is expected to create melodies with the exhaust note. The 7-speed gearbox is claimed to reach the maximum rev limit in fourth gear in just six seconds from a standstill.

Dimensions – The Ferrari 488 GTB is 4568 mm long, 1952 mm wide and 1212 mm tall which is 41 mm longer and 16 mm wider than the 458. The new supercar comes with a wheelbase of 2650 mm and a kerb weight of 1475 kgs. The boot capacity is 230-litres while the fuel tank can store 78-litres and the Italian car rides on 245/35/ZR20 front and 305/30/ZR20 rear wheels.

Features and Safety – The braking department on the Ferrari 488 GTB consists of new ceramic brakes derived from the technology used in LaFerrari which makes stopping distances around 9 percent shorter than the 458 Italia. It is equipped with the new-gen ESP that ensures better ABS interference in low grip situations. The Ferrari 488 is equipped with Side Slip Control System which boosts longitudinal acceleration out of corners by 12 percent and it also controls overall dynamics of the supercar.

Ferrari 488 GTB Interiors
The interiors of the 488 GTB feel more roomy and sorted than the 458
Ferrari 488 GTB Engine
The twin-turbo Ferrari engine looks very attractive
Ferrari 488 GTB Price
The side intakes are divided by central partition
Ferrari 488 GTB Side
The sculpted body lines look beautiful on the 488 GTB
Ferrari 488 GTB Rear Profile
The rear of the 488 GTB has diffusers beside the tail light
Ferrari 488 GTB Rear
The wide rear profile of the Italian supercar looks menacing