Ferrari Project F150 Front Teaser

The first set of images of the Ferrari Enzo successor have been revealed by the company in their official magazine. Although the name of this hypercar is not mentioned, the project has been codenamed as F150. The little of the F150 that can be seen seems to be perfected aerodynamically. The F150 has similar fenders on both the ends as the Enzo, presumably covering large tyres. There appears to be an airscoop on the bonnet and also the large airdam speak of air movement through the body to reduce lift and improve aerodynamics.

The body of this hypercar consists of four types of carbon fiber to be used in different parts around the car which helps to provide utmost rigidity and least weight possible. The areas subjected to high impacts are made of T1000 carbon fiber. The overall weight is claimed to be reduced by 20 percent, while a 27 percent increase in torsional rigidity has also been achieved. Unlike other Ferrari cars, the Enzo was more oriented towards aerodynamic efficiency and high-end performance over styling. The F150 is based on similar grounds and there is a beauty in that too.

The power to the F150 will be through a hybrid powertrain. The mid-mounted petrol engine would be from the Ferrari Berlinetta, a 6.3-litre, V12 producing a power output of 730 BHP. Additional power from the electric motor would help the F150 to achieve an overall power output of above 850 BHP. Also incorporated is Formula 1 style Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS), a power regenerating system through braking. A limited number of the F150’s will be produced and those will be first shown to the owners, yes a few people have already made a deposit for the prancing horse, and will then be unveiled to the world at a major auto show in 2013.

Ferrari Project F150 Rear Teaser