The 5-door Force Gurkha was only spied last week and it has been spotted again!

The upcoming 5-door version of the new generation Force Gurkha has been spied undisguised once again and from the looks of it, the car seems all set to go into production.

Force Motors is not trying to mask the car’s identity and rightfully so as its distinctive shape does inform the onlooker what model it is without one having to look hard for the details.

When viewed head-on and from the rear, the 3-door and 5-door models of the Gurkha look very much the same. However, see them side by side and the differences become clear.

The 5-door version of the off-road SUV has a comparatively longer wheelbase than the standard model, rather obviously, to accommodate the extra pair of doors, which fit right in front of the rear wheels.

Force Gurkha 5-Door Spied Rear
Due to the extra weight it will carry, the suspension should be setup differently to the 3-door model

It is estimated that Force Motors has stretched the Gurkha’s wheelbase by around 400 mm (to 2800 mm) to create the 5-door variant. As a result, the longer version will have more interior space (it should easily seat at least 5 adults if not more) and cargo volume.

The rearmost window is now a sliding unit and although it might not look like it, the recently spied 5-door Force Gurkha does have a larger side greenhouse than the 3-door model.

No changes are expected to be made to the car’s list of equipment and mechanical componentry. Thus, the off-roading hardware, and turbocharged 2.6-litre diesel engine and 5-speed manual gearbox should stay, but more power could be squeezed from the oil burner.

Set to be introduced before the 5-door Maruti Suzuki Jimny comes to the Indian market, the Gurkha 5-door could cost above Rs. 15 lakhs (ex-showroom).