Mercedes Viano India

Force Motors has lined up a series of plans that needs to be implemented. Starting from increasing the production capacity, the company will go on with launch of new range of vehicles followed by the brand building exercises. The manufacturer of the light commercial vehicles, Force Motors is in plans to offer a range of vehicles in the Trump brand from 0.5-tonne to 1.5-tonne payload carrier. This would require a whole new production facility and engines. The company had been a late entrant into the small commercial vehicles sector where companies like Tatas and Mahindras have become the ace players. Thus the company wants to play around with the prices to grab its share in the market.

Another segment where the company is already a good player and wants to make its hold stronger is the passenger carrier segment. Currently, its Traveller brand is doing well under this segment. The company is all set to launch a 26-seater monocoque (these vehicles do not have the chassis) vehicle in near future. Testing has already begun and the launch can be expected in the next few months. Not just this, but the company has also plans to build multi-purpose vans which would be based on the Mercedes Benz’s Viano platform. These would come in two variants – standard and luxury, and they are expected to hit the roads by the end of the year 2013.

Focus is not just on the products but also on the brand building. The company is planning to set up company-owned showrooms. As a pilot, five will be set up in the first phase of this project. These would be used to launch all their new offerings. The company will also house new offices in locations like Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai. There would also be regional training centres. Well, that looks like a lot of investment in the property as well as on the product range. The company couldn’t get the returns on its SUV Force One. However, the company is making big plans to make up for all this.

Source – LiveMint