Ford EcoSport Brazil No Rear Tyre

Projector headlamps, after market alloys, custom paint jobs, daytime running lights, the Ford EcoSport has seen it all. However, there are owners who think there is scope for improvement on the compact SUV. One such example of a modification gone well is from Brazil, where the owner chose to remove the exposed spare wheel mounted on the tail gate of the SUV for a cleaner look and must we say the modification has been done extremely well.

On the outset, it is actually very difficult to acknowledge that the modification is an afterthought and not a factory finish. What the owner has essentially done is removed the spare tyre and redesigned that particular area of the tail gate. The area where the spare tyre used to be now houses the Ford logo, while the license plate enclosure has moved up from the bumper to the centre of the boot-lid. The owner has used the spares from the Fiesta sedan keeping the overall look more in line with the bigger Ford SUVs.

The modified Ford EcoSport also gets after market alloy wheels, silver finished roof rails and a rear spoiler. The brushed silver diffuser has also been replaced for a cleaner look. The spare tyre has now found home in the boot of the SUV. It does reduce the boot space considerably though. The modification is certainly a one off but an well executed one. Moreover, the EcoSport looks far more agile and city bred with this look. If you have an EcoSport, you could certainly consider adding this to your modifications bucket list.

Ford EcoSport Brazil Modification

Ford EcoSport Brazil Modified Tail Gate

Ford EcoSport Brazil Rear Tyre Boot Storage

Source – Noticias Automotivas