2015 Ford Edge Concept 2015 Wallpaper

Ford unveiled its Edge concept, a mid-sized crossover SUV at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show. The Edge concept offers glimpses at the technology and design that will feature on the company’s next global utility vehicles. Ford might change some details in the production version, but for most part, this concept car makes up for the Ford Edge crossover SUV which will debut in 2015. The concept showcased is defined by a new design language and updated interior. It comes equipped with advanced, automated driving technologies, including self-parking and obstacle avoidance systems which are currently under development by the American automaker.

Driver-assist technologies and semi-automated features in the Ford Edge concept form the basis for the future of automated driving while fully assisted parking enables parking of vehicles in perpendicular tight spots via the touch of a button inside the car. The system can be activated by a remote control feature from outside the car while the ultrasonic sensors scan the area and accordingly manoeuvre the car to parking spots, making parking very convenient and hassle free for drivers.

The styling of the Ford Edge concept features LED headlights and a slatted grille with body creases and horizontal LED tail lights. The vehicle uses the next generation EcoBoost engine which gets active grille shutters wherein shutters open and close automatically thereby maintaining engine temperature. The Ford Edge concept is surely giving a glimpse of what all we can expect from Ford in the near future but most of this tech will water down to the company’s European and American offerings.

2015 Ford Edge Concept Steering Wheel

2015 Ford Edge Concept Interiors

2015 Ford Edge Concept Dashboard

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2015 Ford Edge Concept

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2015 Ford Edge Concept Car Wallpaper

2015 Ford Edge Concept Car

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