Ford India has set off on an epic 20,000kms drive across India. The ‘Ikon Cross Country Drive’ will pass through 26 state capitals and 3 union territories of India and will take 46 days to cover the entire distance. Michael Boneham, president & managing director of Ford India flagged off the iconic Ford Ikon from its manufacturing facility in Maramalai Nagar on 22nd April 2009.

The drive will engage a Ford Ikon with the new 1.4-litre DuraTorq, common-rail TDCi engine under its hood. A standard Ikon diesel, without any modifications what-so-ever will be used to demonstrate the endurance, fuel efficiency and low cost of ownership of the vehicle. The car will be undergoing service checks at stopovers at Ford’s widespread authorized service centres en-route the 20000km run.

The journey will test both man and machine as it traverses through varied and extreme conditions. From the sapping heat of Rajasthan to the numbing chill of the Himalayas; from rutted mountain trails to smooth expressways; from the gridlock of Hosur Road to the runway-like Rajpath. The drive will encounter the complete tapestry of climatic, geographical and road conditions.