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Free maintenance, service checkups, extended warranty period and a lot more; automakers have been going to several lengths to woe customers with additional features, goodies or just through hassle free after sales service. While it isn’t too unreasonable to expect these services from manufacturers today, Ford Motor Company has gone one step ahead and announced free brake pads for the owners of any Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicles in the US for the lifetime. In all essence, this basically means that Ford customers get free brake pads for the rest of their life.

Here is how this works! Basically, Ford customers need to buy a set of Motorcraft brake pads from a Ford or Lincoln dealer or authorised Ford service centre and have them installed at the service centre itself. Once the brake pads wear down to 3 mm in depth, the owner needs to head back to the same service centre and the dealer will replace the brake pads absolutely free. The change of brake pads applies to all four tyres and is also applicable on all newly purchased Ford vehicles that come with factory fitted Motorcraft brake pads.

The one of its kind program has been initiated so that customers come back to authorised service centres for repairs on older vehicles. Ford states that the program covers vehicles from the early 1990’s to the present, but does not cover other parts like the brake pins, brake rotor or any such components that otherwise would also need attention while replacing brake pads. Even though the brake pads will be available free of cost, the owners will still have to pay for the labour and installation charges at the service centre.

Normally, a change of brake pads also witnesses the brake rotor being resurfaced, the brake oil changed as well as faulty and shoddy parts being replaced, if any. The entire process costs a sum of around $450 (Rs. 27,500/-) in the US, depending upon the kind of Ford you own; however, with the cost of the brake pads waved off, owners will still end up spending $250 (Rs. 15,300/-) on repairs, labour and installation at the service centre. Nonetheless, the savings are nothing short of substantial and Motorcraft being a factory fitted product, the performance of the brake pads should not need scrutiny either.

The free brake pads for lifetime guarantee however are only applicable to private owners and will not include fleet vehicles like police, taxi, postal, towing and limousines. However, the automaker will include small business operators that use their vehicles for commercial purposes. A different approach towards providing an overwhelming ownership experience, Ford has certainly outdone itself this time. It would be interesting to see, if any other manufacturer tries to outdo Ford with something even more innovative. Engine swap we say. No?

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