Ford EcoSport Diesel Review

The Ford EcoSport is undoubtedly the most awaited car of 2013. The compact utility vehicle has changed the dimensions of the auto industry with its brilliant package at a surprising price. Ford has been getting commendable response from the market and the company has also registered bookings of over 20,000 units in India for its EcoSport. However amidst all this hype and excitement, Ford has now issued a voluntary recall for the EcoSport in India.

The recall is concerned with the diesel EcoSport and 972 units are affected (that equates to the number of diesel EcoSport’s delivered). The positive bet is the recall is not concerned with any major technical or mechanical part that risks the safety of occupants. The recall will be carried out to re-position the Glow Plug Control Module (GPCM). The American company reports that the placement of the GPCM is quite low in the EcoSport (near the front bumper) which might cause malfunction when it comes in contact with water or moisture. It is now being relocated inside the engine bay.

Ford has taken the recall decision as a preventive approach and to avoid inconvenience to its customers which is more likely to happen at this particular point of time in India due to the monsoon and waterlogged roads. Ford dealers told us that the company technicians will soon reach to the dealerships and the issue will be resolved under their supervision. The dealers have started to contact buyers personally. The job will take around a couple of hours and the re-positioning of glow plugs module doesn’t require any extensive work.

Glow Plug is only found in diesel cars. It is used for starting the engine and warms the engine’s combustion chamber in order for the car to burn fuel in an efficient manner. The recall campaign for such a newly launched product might adversely affect its image but we have to wait to witness any impact on new buyers in the market.

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