The Maharashtra Government is planning to include road safety lessons in school syllabus. This is a move to reduce the number of road accidents.

Road Safety Maharashtra
The Maharashtra police department recently concluded a week long road safety awareness campaign

A common problem we all face in our country is poor driving habits of majority of drivers on the roads. Driving with high beams on, lane cutting and tailgating is very common. Most of the people don’t even realise the inconvenience these things cause to other road users. Majority of the people get their license made without visiting the RTO even once. Forget driving tests! Due to poor driving habits, road accidents in India have been constantly rising leading to the loss of lives. A developing country like India can’t afford loss of precious human resource. Something needs to be done in order to reduce the number of road accidents.

In a first of its kind effort, the Government of Maharashtra is planning to incorporate road safety lessons in Maharashtra state board curriculum. This move is a part of their efforts to reduce the number of road accidents and the number of deaths due to road accidents. Road safety lessons would help educate the youth and make them more responsible. It is easier to teach children as they remember things taught in school for a long time. However, how will the lessons be incorporated in the syllabus is something that isn’t very clear at this stage.

We believe it is an excellent move considering the very liberal procedure of issuing driving license in our country. Anyone who is willing to pay an agent a certain premium can get a license. This has resulted in an onslaught of many drivers on Indian roads who do not have basic traffic sense. Basic features of a vehicle like indicators and rear view mirrors are alien to them. If kids are taught about road safety at school, they would get to know about basic road manners. This would help them become better drivers. These kids can even educate their family members about the rules and ways to be safe on the road.

Maruti Driving School
Maruti Suzuki had launched driving schools to teach driving and basic safety lessons