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By the looks of it, a litre of petrol might soon cost Rs. 100/- in Mumbai

Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) have hiked the price of petrol and diesel today for the sixth day in succession across all metros, taking automotive fuel rates to a 2-year high.

In the national capital, petrol is retailed at Rs. 83.71/- per litre, a hike of 30 paise, while diesel costs Rs. 73.87/-, which is 26 paise more than Sunday’s (6th December) price.

It was a similar case in Mumbai, where petrol costs Rs. 90.34/- per litre today after a 29 paise price hike. Similarly, with 28 paise added to the previous day’s cost, diesel is sold at Rs. 80.51/- per litre.

Residents of neither Bengaluru nor Chennai were spared from the price increase either. In the capital cities of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, people will have to pay Rs. 86.51/- for a litre of petrol today.

When it comes to diesel, Bengaluru retails it at Rs. 78.31/-, while Chennai’s fuel outlets ask Rs. 79.21/- for the same. The situation in Kolkata is no different, as petrol and diesel price today stood at Rs. 85.19/- and Rs. 77.44/-, respectively.

While OMCs state that the price hike is due to firming international oil prices, it is the high tax imposed on automotive fuel by the government earlier this year to increase revenue that has done the most damage.

In the last 16 days, fuel rates have been hiked on 15 occasions, burning a gaping hole in the pockets of the common man and woman.

Petrol And Diesel Price Today

  • Petrol and diesel retail costs have been hiked again
  • This is the sixth consecutive day the price of fuel has increased
  • In Delhi, petrol costs Rs. 83.71/- per litre today
Petrol And Diesel Price Today
The cost of diesel has increased by close to Rs. 3.50/- in the past 2 weeks