Guangzhou Auto Witstar Unveil

A couple of days back we reported about the insane Youabian Puma. If you think that vehicle wasn’t crazy enough, then here’s another one, the WitStar Concept unveiled by Guangzhou Auto at the Guangzhou Auto Show. This vehicle comes with a fish tank in the rear armrest and it also features autonomous driving. The carmaker wants to prove its autonomous driving technology by integrating the fish tank in the car so that if it meets with an accident, the tank would break, killing all the fishes.

Guangzhou Auto has constructed a special bay for the fish pod in the rear seat. In the fish tank you’ll find ten Gold fishes, five water plants and a thick layer of stones. Since this is an autonomous vehicle, the front passengers have the facility of turning their seats towards the back if they want to have a conversation with the rear passengers, or maybe to just look at the fishes!

The WitStar Concept comes with a host of cameras and computers which study the surroundings and make a 3D image and create a safe path to the destination. The dashboard is made out of foam and carton since this is just a concept car. In concept cars, it is the idea that matters and here it seems Guangzhou Auto has hit the sweet spot. Let’s just wait and watch how this vehicle performs in real world conditions.

Under the hood, the WitStar comes with an electric motor which is assisted by a petrol-powered range extender. The manufacturer claims the top speed to be 160 km/hr, while 0-50 km/hr comes up in around 4.5 seconds. Driving the vehicle on pure electric mode would give a range of 100 kms and with the range extender, it would increase to 600 kms. There is a camera pod on the roof which looks right out of a sci-fi movie. The WitStar also comes with gullwing doors for easy access to tap water because the water in the fish tank would need to be changed at regular intervals. What are your opinions on this concept vehicle? Let us know by commenting below.

Guangzhou Auto Witstar Steering

Guangzhou Auto Witstar Interior

Guangzhou Auto Witstar Seat

Guangzhou Auto Witstar FishTank

Guangzhou Auto Witstar Wallpaper

Guangzhou Auto Witstar Side

Guangzhou Auto Witstar Rear

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