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The Custom 1250 looks nothing short of impressive

Harley-Davidson has added its Custom 1250 offering on the official website under the ‘Future Vehicles’ heading. It shares this page with much awaited offerings like the LiveWire and the Pan America.

Harley-Davidson announced the Custom 1250 sportster back in 2018, and after almost 3 years, it has finally shown up on their official website. The webpage quotes ‘Planned for 2021’ under the Custom 1250 heading, meaning that the launch isn’t too far.

As we’re all aware of Harley’s tough financial situation during these Covid-hit times, the company had warned that it would be swinging the axe and making some tough amends as part of a major ‘Hardwire’ re-strategy to improve its situation.

However, it seems the Harley-Davidson Custom 1250 has survived the chop and we will see it in flesh soon. The Bronx Streetfighter has disappeared, though, which means it might not see the day after all.

Aesthetically, the Custom 1250 looks chunky and sporty at the same time while adhering to the typical Harley-Davidson appeal. It will probably get full LED lighting, fat tyres, swanky exhaust placement along with a low stance.

The motorcycle will use Harley-Davidson’s new and vital Revolution Max engine. It will be around 1250cc and will also feature in Harley’s Pan America. One can easily expect excellent low-end grunt and high torque figures from the motor as seen in previous Harley engines.

The motor might not adhere to Euro-5 norms as the compliancy comes at a cost, but the Custom Sportster definitely marks good news for the people awaiting Harley-Davidson Sportsters.

Lastly, it’s hard to comment on whether we’ll see this offering here in India or not, thanks to the tricky situation of the giant in India right now. Nevertheless, the Custom 1250 sounds very promising and it might be the product that Harley needs to get them back in the game.

Harley-Davidson Custom 1250

  • Harley-Davidson has listed the Custom 1250 on their official website
  • It promises to be a sportster and it will use the Revolution Max engine
  • India-arrival is unlikely
Harley Davidson Custom 1250cc 2021 2
The exhaust design stands out