Harley-Davidson Sportster 300 Side
This will be a very important product for Harley

The new entry-level Harley-Davidson cruiser, rumoured to be called the Sportster 300, has been spied in China.

Well, to be precise, the motorcycle that was spotted was the QJMotor SRV300, which effectively is the new baby cruiser that the American brand will put on sale in India and other developing countries.

There is no mistaking the classic Harley styling of the bike. The stylish fuel tank below which resides the small V-twin engine, short seat, the fenders, dual exhaust pipes, all scream Harley-Davidson from every angle.

But, it is a modern motorcycle and thus comes equipped with USD forks, and alloy wheels (16-inch front and 15-inch rear rims) that carry a new design. Also, the way the tail lamp has been positioned in-line with the black stripe that runs on the fuel tank and rear fender is a nice touch.

While the rider, with the wide-ish handlebar and forward set foot pegs, will likely be comfortable on the motorcycle, the pillion might not have a good time considering the way the seat is shaped. It would be a motorcycle best suited for riding solo by the looks of things.

But, the rider is unlikely to be bored, for the Harley-Davidson Sportster 300 will come powered by a 296cc water-cooled V-twin which is reported to put out a maximum of 30.3 HP and it should make a good noise too.

What’s more, the bike is said to have a top speed of 129 km/hr, while it will weigh only 163 kg. So, fuel bills might not be as bad as one might imagine.

Considering the fact that this new Sportster 300 would rival Royal Enfield’s new-age 350cc bikes, Harley could well launch it in western markets as well.

Harley-Davidson Sportster 300 Top
The V-twin engine is a modern unit
Harley-Davidson 300cc Sportster
It does have appealing styling, that is a given

Source – NewMotor.com.cn