Hero Honda Achiever Showroom

Bajaj Auto started the concept of Pro-Biking showrooms across the country when they launched the Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi. The showrooms became a platform for prospective buyers to witness the bikes before buying them. There was also test drives on dynometers, which would give a feel of the engine performance to the buyer. Now a Hero Honda dealer in Pune has taken a cue or two from these Bajaj Pro-Biking showrooms and utilized the ideas in their own dealership. No, there is no dynometer here but like Bajaj Pro-Biking showrooms, the particular showroom too has bikes hanging with the front facing upwards, tied to chains. Further more, every Pro-Biking showroom has motorcycles positioned on the stand and the Hero Honda dealer too has the Hunk positioned on a stand. Do you think it was a good idea to do so by the Hero Honda dealer?

Hero Honda Dealership

Hero Honda Showroom

Hero Honda Hunk Showroom

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