2015 Hero Maestro Edge Test Ride Review
The Hero Maestro Edge is an attempt by Hero to capture the upper end of the 110cc segment

Hero Maestro Edge Review

Bike Tested: 2015 Hero Maestro Edge VX; Road Test No. 610

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 57,277/-

The Hero Maestro Edge makes for a great option in the 110cc scooter segment, it’s very feature rich

Hero MotoCorp single handedly dominates the commuter bike segment with its Splendor and Passion series of bikes. But in the recent past, scooter sales have increased rapidly due to the ever increasing traffic in cities and the convenience offered by these vehicles. The Indian bikemaker has been in the segment with the Pleasure and Maestro scooters but the latter has been around for quite some time now. Hence it has decided to launch a more edgier version of the same. Have they been successful in doing that?

2015 Hero Maestro Edge Side
The design is the highlight of the scooter, looks the best in segment

Hero has made sure that the design of the Maestro Edge is funky enough to attract younger customers. It is longer and taller than the old Maestro but is a bit less in terms of width. The front fascia gets quite a few changes with a small windshield incorporated above the headlamp and dual tone rearview mirrors. The front apron and mudguard design has evolved and they get multiple cuts and creases. The same theme continues all throughout with all panels getting multiple design elements. The tail-light is a LED unit which looks particularly good. The exhaust also gets a rather unique design and looks nice.

2015 Hero Maestro Edge Instrument Panel
Instrument cluster is feature rich, switch gear quality is good

The instrument cluster is an analogue-digital unit like the old Maestro but has been redesigned to suit the new styling and it is loaded with features including a service reminder. Switch gear also receives changes with the buttons set in a silver panel on either sides of the handlebar. The quality of the same is impressive and it feels better than the ones on scooters in the similar price range. It gets a side stand indicator too in addition to big and easy to read font for the speedometer. It gets a trip meter which makes fuel efficiency calculations easier. A very nice feature is the pass switch for the headlamp which would help while overtaking at night.

2015 Hero Maestro Edge First Ride
The new engine has enough pep for city riding, lacks punch after 60 km/hr

The Hero Maestro Edge gets a new in-house developed 110.9cc engine which produces 8.43 PS of power at 8000 RPM and 8.3 Nm of torque at 6500 RPM, the claimed mileage being 65.8 km/l. The power is slightly more than the Maestro but the torque is about 10% lesser. Also, peak power is delivered at a higher RPM and so is peak torque. With the weight being the same as the older scooter at 110 kgs, performance hasn’t changed by a whole lot. The acceleration is nice and gradual with it takes its own sweet time to reach higher speeds.

2015 Hero Maestro Edge Performance Review
The stability at higher speeds is good, sticks to the road

The Maestro Edge is a good performer and has good dynamics

The engine on the scooter is sufficient for city duties but feels a tad under-powered on open roads. Overtaking will need some planning at speeds in excess of 60 km/hr because mashing the throttle wouldn’t be of much use, after all, this is a 110cc scooter aimed at city riding. No vibrations are felt at any speeds which reduces riding fatigue and is also a testimony to the high amount of testing done by the company. The engine is complemented by forgiving suspension and good brakes.

2015 Hero Maestro Edge Test Ride
The riding dynamics are well sorted, suspension and brakes are up to the mark

Riding dynamics are something which have changed by a whole lot as the Hero Maestro Edge gets multiple changes on this front. It gets a bigger 12-inch wheel up front which helps in tackling bad roads more easily. The suspension has been changed from the ancient spring loaded hydraulic dampers to more modern telescopic unit. This helps in improving ride comfort by a great extent and has also helped handling. Brakes on the scooter give good bite and make it stop from most speeds without any drama, the integrated braking system working well. One thing which everyone hates is getting off the scooter for fueling up. Hero has taken care of that by shifting the fuel filler outside and placing it right behind the seat. Addition of USB 3.0 charging socket and boot lamp adds to the convenience as well.

2015 Hero Maestro Edge Front
The Hero Maestro Edge makes a strong case for itself

The Hero Maestro Edge is a scooter which has improved by a big margin over the regular Maestro and makes a compelling case for itself. Multiple useful features such as USB 3.0 charging port, under-seat luggage lamp, magnetic holder for the stand and rear luggage hook add to the convenience. Alloy wheels with tubeless tyres also help since air leakage in case of a small puncture is gradual and not sudden. Two models are available which makes the price sensitive buyers save a bit of money by going in for the cheaper LX variant. The biggest plus point with the new scooter is the styling which makes it stand out in the sea of scooters out there. The Hero Maestro Edge is sure to steal some thunder from the Honda Activa, helping India’s largest bike maker regain the number one selling two-wheeler slot with the Splendor while also boosting presence in the scooter segment.

The Hero Maestro Edge is a great option for someone considering a scooter for daily chores. Nifty features help a lot and make it much more value for money than the other scooters in the segment.

2015 Hero Maestro Edge Rear
It remains to be seen how well this scooter works for Hero MotoCorp

What’s Cool

* Striking looks
* Improved handling
* VFM quotient due to presence of nifty features
* Hero service network

What’s Not So Cool

* Under seat storage capacity
* Rear view mirrors offer little adjustment