Hero Splendor+ Black and Accent Bumble Bee Yellow
The graphics can be added at the time of purchase, says Hero

Hero MotoCorp has launched the Splendor+ Black and Accent with a price tag of Rs. 64,470/- (ex-showroom, Delhi).

This new edition has come into being as a result of the “Hero CoLabs” contest (held from 7th April and results announced on 16th May) through which graphic design themes for the Splendor+ motorcycle were created by thousands of participants.

Three best designs – Beetle Red, Firefly Golden and Bumble Bee Yellow – were selected and they have now been put into production.

Thus, Hero Splendor+ Black and Accent edition came into being and at the time of purchase, customers can choose the theme they want for an additional cost of Rs. 899/-.

Customers can also buy the 3D Hero logo and rim tape at Rs. 1399/- or, should they wish, purchase the bike without any stickers as well.

If that is the way one chooses to buy the vehicle, then they will get a plain, black two-wheeler which has the top part of the engine, fuel tank, chain cover and alloys painted black.

Hero Splendor+ Black And Accent

  • Hero has launched a new edition Splendor+
  • Named the Black and Accent, it is priced at Rs. 64,470/-
  • Three design themes can be added to the bike during purchase
Hero Splendor+ Black and Accent Firefly Golden
The graphics cost Rs. 899/- over the vehicle’s list price
Hero Splendor+ Black And Accent
The bike can be purchased without any graphics as well