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Punchy low and mid-range but lacks performance once past it

The Splendor iSmart 110 is light and feels quicker than the other Splendors

The Splendor iSmart takes in almost 2.5-litres of less fuel, it produces almost 1.1 BHP of extra power and 1 Nm excess torque than the 100cc Splendor while weighing just 3 kgs more. On paper, it fairs out better but on the road, this one packs the tiny pocket rocket fun. The first gear ends in no time while the other three gears do the rest of the job. The final gear, the fourth one could work it out from 40 km/hr and take it all the way to 100 km/hr. The sweet spot was however between 55 to 70 km/hr and we used to stick to mostly 60 km/hr for maximum fuel efficiency.

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The weight and a short first gear helps it lift a wheel

Hero Splendor iSmart Cost Of Service

* Service cost – Rs. 350/- (free for first service)
* Engine oil – Rs. 300/-
* Consumables – Rs. 80/-

The initial odometer reading was under 1000 kms and when checked, the bike was still raw, it hadn’t even been through its first service. We rode it for the first few kms and could understand the harshness from the engine because of the old oil and the bite of the brakes was not the best we would expect. Post the service, the Hero Splendor iSmart felt completely new and fuel consumption had improved marginally after that. The brakes felt better and as it is equipped with only drum brakes, the bite was gradual and we could feel the feedback being spongy. With the pair of Ceat rubber on 18-inch alloys, these tyres proved to be the best for what’s needed from them.

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Once in motion, the Splendor iSmart would stop only at an empty tank

Overall, the Hero Splendor iSmart 110 was perfect for our daily chores and city runs. It was actually the best of the lot for tackling traffic and would return a marvellous fuel efficiency. It was a perfect workhorse that would get the job done at a really low cost and ask for literally nothing in return. Our last Splendor long termer was the Splendor Pro Classic, the Café Racer, a proper attention seeker while this Splendor, the iSmart 110 was a smart solution for daily needs and yet less of a looker which could get along with current generation motorcycles. This long termer was probably the most practical and most powerful Splendor with updated tech from the Hero Splendor line-up.

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Sleek overall design while it’s the tiny tank that looks bulky

What’s Cool

* A complete city bike, handles traffic like a gem
* Seat is soft and comfortable while the ride quality is the best
* The engine is powerful and the overall efficiency is great thanks to the iSmart system

What’s Not So Cool

* Drum brakes feel spongy, front disc is missed
* 4-speed gearbox feels less for the capability of the engine

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Not much glamour but the Hero Splendor iSmart is surely a poser

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