The Maestro Edge will be the first 125cc scooter from Hero MotoCorp competing against the nemesis Honda Activa 125, Suzuki Swish and Access in the segment.

Hero Maestro New Colours
The Maestro is to Hero, what the Activa is to Honda; literally

The 110cc scooter segment is flooded with options that rake in maximum sales for scooter makers and the 125cc space is the next big thing for manufacturers with more and more products set for launch in the coming months. While most major manufacturers already have a 125cc scooter under its umbrella, India’s largest two-wheeler maker Hero MotoCorp is feeling left out with nothing to offer and could launch a 125cc scooter by mid-2015.

As per a recent report, Hero is working on a 125cc scooter that has been christened as the ‘Maestro Edge’ and will be based on the 110cc Maestro which in turn is based on the best-selling Honda Activa. Following Honda’s strategy of sorts, Hero is planning to bank on the success of the Maestro nameplate coupled with a larger displacement engine and improved mechanicals. Much like the Activa 125, the Maestro Edge will get telescopic front forks and conventional shocks at the rear for better ride quality; while power will come from a 125cc mill producing 9 BHP (1 BHP more than the outgoing Maestro).

In addition, the Maestro Edge could get a front disc brake as optional along with alloy wheels. Knowing Hero, prices are going to be competitive and are likely to undercut the competition by a decent margin. One thing that isn’t clear as yet is what happened to the Dare 125 concept that was showcased at the Auto Expo in 2014. It will be interesting though, to know if Hero has dropped the Dare nameplate in favour of the more recognisable Maestro moniker. More details on the new 125cc scooter will unfold in the weeks to come with prices expected around Rs. 60,000/- (ex-showroom).

Hero Dare Scooter 07
It is unclear if the Maestro Edge is derived from the Dare 125 concept shown last year

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